Chakras and your cancer… The are related more than you think!

So what do the chakras have to do with cancer?

What I have found is that where you are wounded or have held anger or hurts in your lifetime is often where cancer starts or is located. For instance, there is a very strong connection between cervical cancer and sexual abuse or rape. The energy of that trauma gets stuck in the second chakra in the sexual organs and then can create cancer.

This can be the same for emotional hurts or family traumas too. The wounds that we just can’t get over are the places where we hold energy that is darker and can manifest into cancer.

I know this sounds daunting. Who doesn’t have wounds and hurts and how are you supposed to “just get over it”? I would never say that. What I have seen is that these energies can be released and lessened by some consciousness around them and deliberate releasing of the energy connected to them.

Grounding your energy, as I talked about in the first blog, and also connecting to a higher authority, God, the universe, or your higher self is a good start in letting go of some of those toxic feelings. Giving yourself permission to feel the anger o cry about the hurts and then release the hold it has on your life is one of the better things you can do to fight cancer.

In future blogs I will go into more detail about what the different cancers and the emotions and energies connected to them.

Posted on: September 20, 2019, by : steph

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