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Chakras and your cancer… The are related more than you think!

So what do the chakras have to do with cancer?

What I have found is that where you are wounded or have held anger or hurts in your lifetime is often where cancer starts or is located. For instance, there is a very strong connection between cervical cancer and sexual abuse or rape. The energy of that trauma gets stuck in the second chakra in the sexual organs and then can create cancer.

This can be the same for emotional hurts or family traumas too. The wounds that we just can’t get over are the places where we hold energy that is darker and can manifest into cancer.

I know this sounds daunting. Who doesn’t have wounds and hurts and how are you supposed to “just get over it”? I would never say that. What I have seen is that these energies can be released and lessened by some consciousness around them and deliberate releasing of the energy connected to them.

Grounding your energy, as I talked about in the first blog, and also connecting to a higher authority, God, the universe, or your higher self is a good start in letting go of some of those toxic feelings. Giving yourself permission to feel the anger o cry about the hurts and then release the hold it has on your life is one of the better things you can do to fight cancer.

In future blogs I will go into more detail about what the different cancers and the emotions and energies connected to them.

The Chakra System Demystified

The Chakra System Demystified

Hi! If you’re here, you are interested in this energy stuff. So let’s get started!

I use chakras as a structure for energy work. *Chakras* are energy centers in your body. There are seven basic chakras, beginning at the base of your spine and ending at the crown of your head. For those of you that are more advanced, I know there are more. We are starting with the basics.

The *First chakra* is the root chakra. It is essentially your pelvic floor or base of your spine. It’s represents home, family, tribe, safety, and security. And it was developed the first 7 years of your life. So often what was occurring in those years gets stuck in the patterns of your life. If there was abuse in your family you might never feel safe and might attract abusive relationships. If you were abandoned that might be what you experience as an adult. Everyone leaves.

The *Second chakra* is the sacral chakra. It is located at the lower back and below the bellybutton. It represents money, relationships, sex, creativity, emotions, and power in the outer world. It’s a biggie. It was developed from ages 7 to 14. Again, what was happening then in your life will be reflected in those areas of your life. If your parents were dominating and you felt powerless, then you might struggle with feeling power in your job or relationships. It is also connected to your support system. Lower back issues can be connected to lack of support, physically, emotionally, or financially.

The *Third chakra* is the solar plexus. It is located above the bellybutton. It represents personal power, self-esteem and how you get your value. Essentially, what you do to feel good about yourself. It was developed from ages 14 to 21. Again, what was happening during that time has an effect on how you feel about yourself. What you negotiate to feel that you have worth. My theory is that you should feel worth first the act second. But this is rarely the case.

The *Fourth chakra* is the heart chakra. It is located at the chest area. It is connected to love and feelings of well being. And because it is located in the chest area, I often connect it to feelings of grief. Lungs are the holder of grief so if you have had an experience an have not grieved it and released it you might be carrying that grief in that heart chakra area. This can be quite damaging physically. If the heart chakra is stuck or inactive, along with feelings of lack of love, you might also be feeling deep grief and sadness.

The *Fifth Chakra* is the throat chakra. It represents your communication and ability to speak your truth. You would be surprised how many people are struggling to find their voice. It is also where you express your creativity and put yourself out into the world. If you have a habit of swallowing your words and emotions, toxic energy can get built up here. You might get sore throats and colds that effect your throat.

The *Sixth chakra* is the third eye. It is located in the middle of your forehead. It is related to your sight, insight, intuition, the bigger picture. The “I see!” I find it is often connected to the monkey mind. Where you are trying to figure everything out in your head and can’t stop thinking. This is when you are not connected to something bigger than yourself. It is not necessarily bad to want to figure things out but it is much more helpful then to let it go and allow the universe, or source, or God to help or take over. The top 3 chakras are where you start to connect to your spirituality and something bigger than yourself. When you are ill this is an incredibly helpful and important part of healing.

The *Seventh chakra* is the crown chakra. It is located at the top of your head and is connected to your knowing. It is the place where you can connect to your higher self, God, the universe, etc. This is where you let go of the control you think you have in your life. If you are fighting cancer this can be a big theme. Control. So learning to release that control which is often connected to fear can be essential.

So here is a basic guide to your energy body. I will go into more depth on each one and how they relate to differ kinds of cancer other blogs. But I wanted to give you the basic language and structure that I use to talk about energy and healing.


Are you well grounded? The first step

Can you feel your feet?

This is one of the first questions I ask when I have grounded someone. It is the sensation of weight in your feet and body. Tingling in your legs sometimes, but often just a sense that your feet have just gotten heavier.

Grounding is the first step when I am doing an energy healing. This puts an energetic connection from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. It pulls your energy all the way into your body and connects it to the earth. Both are very helpful to the healing process.

I have been thinking writing this blog and how to communicate the language of energy that is simple and clear. I know that working on your energetic body helps significantly in your healing journey. I have seen it.

Here in this blog, I will give you as much information about energy healing as I can. I will teach you how to ground your energy, break energy contracts that are toxic to you, protect yourself energetically, and probably most importantly, release emotions, wounds and hurts that are connected to your disease.

I will use energy language because I know that if you are reading this you don’t want to be talked down to. So I won’t. But I am also really invested in making this accessible and somewhat easy. Because it is. After doing thousands of healings I have taught many people simple and easy ways to work with energy and their body. It brings relief and sometimes ease to a really hard time.

When you have pain, discomfort, or fear, the most common thing for you to do is pull your energy up, stop breathing, and stop being connected to the earth. And sometimes we completely disconnect from our bodies. This doesn’t leave enough juice in your body to do the work to fix it. And often, stress or trauma have been putting you in this state for years. So the first question of “Can you feel your feet?” is the first step to getting you back in your body and beginning your healing journey.

I hope you will go on this ride with me. I am committed to your healing and I will bring as much love, hope and information as I can to this process.



Start your self awareness journey here!

Stephanie’s Corner is a special corner for those interested in the emotional and energetic side of cancer. I will be giving information and inspiration about the energetic reasons people might develop cancer and how they can be addressed. I have been an energy healer for a number of years and have seen the connection between illness and disease and our wounds and trauma.

This is an important component of treating your cancer. It can also be a scary part of dealing with any illness. I am committed to creating a safe and compassionate space to look at these issues. So if you are looking for another level of treating cancer please join me in my corner.