Are you well grounded? The first step

Can you feel your feet?

This is one of the first questions I ask when I have grounded someone. It is the sensation of weight in your feet and body. Tingling in your legs sometimes, but often just a sense that your feet have just gotten heavier.

Grounding is the first step when I am doing an energy healing. This puts an energetic connection from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. It pulls your energy all the way into your body and connects it to the earth. Both are very helpful to the healing process.

I have been thinking writing this blog and how to communicate the language of energy that is simple and clear. I know that working on your energetic body helps significantly in your healing journey. I have seen it.

Here in this blog, I will give you as much information about energy healing as I can. I will teach you how to ground your energy, break energy contracts that are toxic to you, protect yourself energetically, and probably most importantly, release emotions, wounds and hurts that are connected to your disease.

I will use energy language because I know that if you are reading this you don’t want to be talked down to. So I won’t. But I am also really invested in making this accessible and somewhat easy. Because it is. After doing thousands of healings I have taught many people simple and easy ways to work with energy and their body. It brings relief and sometimes ease to a really hard time.

When you have pain, discomfort, or fear, the most common thing for you to do is pull your energy up, stop breathing, and stop being connected to the earth. And sometimes we completely disconnect from our bodies. This doesn’t leave enough juice in your body to do the work to fix it. And often, stress or trauma have been putting you in this state for years. So the first question of “Can you feel your feet?” is the first step to getting you back in your body and beginning your healing journey.

I hope you will go on this ride with me. I am committed to your healing and I will bring as much love, hope and information as I can to this process.



Posted on: September 20, 2019, by : steph

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