About me

Stephanie Harrison has been studying energetic healing for over 20 year and has been healing others for the last 6 years. She learned about this practice from teachers that studied energy healing at the Berkley Psychic Institute. After going through a difficult divorce she began to use energy and therapy to heal her life. Now she is dedicated to helping others heal their lives.

As a practice she works with the basics of managing your energy and how a person is affected by their own beliefs and emotions and also others energy. The basics include grounding your energy, letting go of old or negative energies, the effect of other people’s energy, clearing and protection, and more.

Achieve this and more:

  1. Clear childhood or past hurts or traumas
  2. Clear unresolved relationship issues past or present
  3. Clear stuck energy from physical or emotional injury
  4. Help improve relationship and money issues
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